Toko Telo .Monika Njava...Joël Rabesolo...Teta

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"Sublime." Angel Romero, World Music

"Irresistible." Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

"Le superbe trio Toko Telo." Patrick Labesse, Le Monde

“A really enjoyable experience.” Vic Smith, fRoots Magazine

“Historique rencontre au sommet à Madagascar.” Bertrand Lavaine, RFI

Sage Gateshead, Newcastle: “All was bliss for two hours…thanks to mellifluous music from Madagascar, produced by incredibly talented trio Toko Telo.”

National Centre for Early Music, York: “A full house in rapt attention for Malagasy-speaking supergroup Toko Telo.”

The Apex, Bury St Edmunds: “Sunshine and warmth flowed down from the stage.”

Stanser Musiktagen, Switzerland: “The music of Toko Telo creates a hypnotic pull. At the same time it is highly melodies, soulful and of the highest singer-songwriter art.”

A supergroup bringing together three of Madagascar’s greatest stars reinvents traditional musical styles – tsapiky, jihe, beko – with unequaled artistry.

Monika Njava, voice & percussion
“The voice of Madagascar.” Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

Celebrated as the national diva, Monika sang lead with the family group Njava, recording two critically acclaimed albums for EMI. She has recorded with platinum-selling Deep Forest and continues to perform with the band. Always adventurous, she formed Island Jazz with Zawinul bassist Linley Marthe. Monika draws on folktales and village life for her lyrics, also addressing corruption, environmental devastation and women’s empowerment.

Joël Rabesolo, guitar & voice
“Startlingly unconventional.” Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft

Joël grew up playing the traditional four-stringed kabosy. Without question he is the leading guitarist of his generation in Madagascar, interpreting the island’s rich array of regional styles with sophistication and extraordinary inventiveness. Currently finishing a master’s degree at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, he performs and records with Fabien Degryse, head of the jazz guitar department. In addition, Joël is a member of the group Island Jazz.

Teta, guitar & voice
"“A master." DMartin Sinnock, Songlines

Teta was trained by his legendary older brother Jean Paul, who transformed traditional marovany playing into the intricate guitar style that Madagascar is known for today. This lineage is showcased in Teta’s amazing technique. Known as “the guitarist with fairy fingers”, he remains faithful to his origins: the rhythmic, captivating music played at festive and ceremonial occasions in the southwest. Teta also records and performs with Malagasy Guitar Masters.