…album after album, tour after tour (when they happened at all), Malagasy acts have failed to achieve sufficient sales numbers, and today, it is rare to find an international release or touring group from this vast Indian Ocean island in North America. Given that history, it is risky to predict that this is the album that will change the tide. And yet, I am ready to do just that. Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

The relaxed performances of three masters of the genre, who are clearly enjoying one another’s company, make for a really enjoyable experience as Monika’s voice soars over the intricate accompaniments. Vic Smith, fRoots Magazine

Ils forment le superbe trio Toko Telo. Une guitare, un ­accordéon, des voix pour conter leur île, les voleurs de zébus ou le peuple forestier Mikea à qui l’on a pris les arbres. Patrick Labesse, Le Monde

Toko Telo is a perfectly matched, matured and virtuoso trio that makes you want to interested in the strangely familiar melodies and the slightly tricky rhythms of Madagascar. Willi Klopottek,Woxx

An acoustic folk-pop performance, equally unique and brilliant, that could only be made in Madagascar. Eric van Domburg Scipio,

 A Malagasy super group.Tim Ianna,

Three national music heroes…make their musical heritage sparkle and glitter, and effortlessly transfer it to the next generation.Mattie Poels,



This album is a highly-anticipated return of bass virtuoso Linley Marthe…Zawinul’s comment regarding Marthe tells the story: “I don’t know if there is anybody who can touch him in terms of overall bass playing.”…I can honestly say that [Monika Njava] is probably the most powerful female vocalist alive today…I am blown away by guitarist Joël Rabesolo’s mastery of his instrument…VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
5-star CD Baby

Quelle énergie dans ce magnifique disque. Des musiciens admirables. Monika Njava est extra. Et que dire de Linley Marthe, ce bassiste prodigieux, qui nous montre encore une fois la pertinence de ses expériences musicales.
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A musician who seems to know everyone told me that Monika (whom I’d never heard of) was ‘The voice of Madagascar’. Four weeks later when we left, I knew what he meant.
Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

Her powerful voice and explosive presence radiate pure emotion…
Kultur – Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft

Her album Haizina allows her to show her true personality. It is an opus of well-crafted compositions.